5 Tips for a Successful Biological Visit

By Shelly Aultman
Licensing Social Worker
SFH of Huntsville, AL

First Published: September 06, 2011

Whether you are a divorced parent or foster parent, biological visits can be stressful for both the child and the adult. Here are 5 tips to take the stress out of any visitation.

Family-visit-photo1.    Know the child.

Have a routine set for when the child returns home. Some children need time to journal or set in their room for an hour to re-group. Some children need a distraction after the visit, go for a walk with the child or have an activity planned.

2.    Manage expectations.

I know I feel better when I know what is expected of me and what to expect. Review with the child the day’s schedule, times and locations. Review public transportation rules set by the transport. Review behavior expectations.

fjhdHc6zd4n9i12GEpzPvnqbX562b3VfZ6qR48ePXr06NGjxzPiP49X09zXeSqXAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC3.    Have a back up plan.

  If the visit is rescheduled or does not happen have a back up plan. Take the child to a movie, skating, or to the park. Something to get the energy out.

Disposable-Camera4.    Build connections.

 Send a disposable camera with the child. It will be nice to remember time spent with biological family with photos.  Visitation photos are a nice addition to the child’s life book as well.

5.   While the child is on visitation, take time to pamper yourself.

 Take a long bath, get your nails done, read a book, or spend time with a friend. You need to make sure to take time out for yourself. Those dishes are not going anywhere!