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Guiding Principles.


  • The safety of children is our foremost concern.
  • Children are placed in the least restrictive, most home-like setting possible.
  • Children receive appropriate and timely physical and mental health services based on comprehensive assessments.
  • Children in care are supported in maintaining their cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and family relationships.

  • Children have the right to adoption permanency in the shortest amount of time through an appropriate family matching process.
  • Each child has a single case manager responsible for coordinating all aspects of care.
  • Siblings are placed together whenever possible.


  • Programs and services must focus on strengths and capacities.
  • Families are actively involved in case planning throughout the episode of care.
  • Services and placement settings are matched to the identified needs of the consumer.


  • Individualized, wraparound services for children and families will divert unnecessary out-of-home placements, shorten time in such placements, and support families after reunification to prevent re-entry into the system.
  • Services are provided by a team of individuals who are equipped to manage and deliver needed services and supports which meet the needs of at-risk children and their families.


Foster Families

  • The educational needs of children are incorporated into service plans to maintain school stability and encourage educational success.
  • Strong partnerships and collaborations with formal and informal support systems are essential if service outcomes are to be maximized.

  • An adequate number of qualified foster families are recruited and retained.
  • Services are provided by competent staff who are adequately trained and supervised and who have appropriate caseloads.


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