Ala. A&M Students Discuss Assessments

By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree
Communications Specialist, SFH

DSC_0022On the path to earning their Masters of Social Work, a graduate Social Work class on abuse at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University (AA&MU) hosted Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.’s (SFH) Chief Operations Officer as she spoke to the class about assessments.

SFH’s COO, Danita H. Stapleton, Ed.D, led the class of 15 students in a lecture on “Assessing Children and Families in Child Welfare”.

Assessments are systematic diagnostic processes preceding a diagnostic and/or observation period. During assessments the assessor gathers and reviews information, continuously evaluates the client’s strengths and resources. Assessments include treatment planning, service provision and referrals. This process determines the client’s level of functioning, risk areas, and his or her possible need for additional specialized assessments and services.

Dr. Stapleton covered various practical aspects of assessments, including what type of information to gather, how to use an effective office arrangement to maintain safety and learn more about the client, what qualities an effective assessor must have,  and how an effective assessor should behave during an assessment.

DSC_0036Students readily engaged in the discussion; many were interested in having art therapy mediums included in their future office arrangements, and some shared tips they had learned in class about how assessors should behave.

With this new knowledge of assessments incorporated with what they have learned from their professor, Dr. Edith Fraser, and during their entire academic career, SFH hopes these students will  successfully complete their journey to becoming “Masters of Social Work” and become productive and helpful  Child Welfare professionals. You can find out more about the lecture via live tweets made during the discussion.


Look for tweets made on April 16, 2014 on the SFH Twitter Page. Follow us on Twitter @SeraajFH.