FH, SVLA & Al-Hajj, Inc. featured at “60 Minute Coffee”

By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree
Communications Specialist, SFH

Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.’s affiliate The Grandma Home House Retreat in Waugh, AL hosted the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce’s  June “60 Minute Coffee” on Wednesday, June 11. The “60 Minute Coffee” is a networking event for members of the MACC. There, the works of TGHHR, SFH, Seraaj Virtual Learning Academy, and Al-Hajj, Inc. were highlighted.

SFH, SVLA and Al-Hajj, Inc. representatives were able to mingle with guests and market their respective business. After the meet-and-greet portion of the morning, SFH CEO Abdul Seraaj gave an enlightening presentation about the history of TGHHR.

Following the presentation, all featured companies had their representative(s) introduce themselves and assist the special guest speaker Leslie Sanders, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the MACC and the Vice President of the Southern Division of Alabama Power, with announcing the  door prize winners. Winners received a large gift basket from one of the featured companies filled with items related to that company. TGHHR gave away a picnic basket full of goodies ideally to be used at TGHHR. SFH gave away a green SFH insulated cooler full of SFH promotional items. SVLA and Al-Hajj, Inc. both gave away gift baskets filled with promotional and educational items.

Also, attendees were able to explore the grounds of TGHHR, and enjoy a healthy breakfast catered by Tammy’s A Catered Affair featuring items such as fresh fruit and berries, Greek yogurt, mini chicken biscuits, cheese grits, goat cheese, hot and iced-coffee, and granola. TGHHR also displayed some of its homegrown plums, blueberries and blackberries.

Moreover, the excitement of the guests (most of whom admitted that they did not expect to see what they saw), the beauty of the venue and the overall feel of the event cannot be fully captured by words. Visit TGHHR’s Facebook page and browse through the“60 Minute Coffee” photo album to see more photographs. Also, visit the MACC’s Facebook page and browse the “60 Minute Coffee sponsored by The Grandma Home House Retreat” photo album to see more pictures.