Houseguest: A Forgotten Film & Why You Should Watch It

By Sayyed Shabazz

Sayyed Shabazz was born in Tampa, Florida and raised in Union Springs, Alabama. Shabazz attended Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama were he received a BA in Theatre Arts.

Houseguest is a forgotten 90’s comedy about mistaken identity that’s gone right! Sindbad’s character “Kevin Franklin” is looking for a quick way out of a bad situation and is posing as an old college buddy, “Gary Young,” who is played by Phil Hartman. Hartman plays a family man and a workaholic. 

This movie is a fun and lighthearted family comedy that shows how people can come into your life and create change for the best. Houseguest displays the importance of honesty and how lying causes more bad rather than good. 

Stars: Sinbad, Phil Hartman, & Kim Greist 

Rated PG for language, double entendre humor and some comic violence.

Runtime: 113 minutes

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