CEO Shares How to Become a Power Player at Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.

by Abdul Seraaj, CEO of Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.

Intro by Jasmine York, SFH Marketing Intern

“I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all I know: Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.” -Rudyard Kipling

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In order to maintain a thriving work environment at Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH), Abdul Seraaj, the CEO of SFH, shares a comprehensive list below of critical points new and settled employees should ask themselves in order to become a power player and drive the best results.

  1. Discover “What” is Driving Your Work:
    • Learn what the mission is and understand the values at SFH. Practice them daily.
    • Learn what your daily job responsibilities are along with your regional and departmental goals to achieve positive results.
    • Know what not do while you are being paid to work.
    • Learn what services SFH offers by studying
  2. Define Your Role. Ask, “Why?”:
    • Ask yourself, “Why am I working for SFH?”, “Why am I coming to work each day?”, and “Why am I still being paid to work at SFH?”
    • Learn why you are asked to see your clients on a consistent basis.
    • Learn why you are expected to send weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates to your customers.
    • Learn why we want accountability, task-oriented, flexible, accessible, honest, outcome-oriented, and internally motivated employees.
  • Determine “When” to Make Moves:
    • Know when you are expected to report to work each day.
    • Know when you are expected to take 15 minutes breaks, go to lunch, and when to report back promptly to your job duties.
    • Know when you are expected to see your clients each day.
    • Know when you are expected to send your updates to customers.
    • Know when you are expected to turn in your progress notes to the office
  • Dig for Excellence. Learn “How”:
    • Ask how to effectively do your job as an A+ player every day.
    • Learn how to write an excellent update reports.
    • Learn how to use data and Microsoft Outlook tools.
    • Learn how to effectively deliver family-centered and needs-driven, preventive services based on the SFH methodology.
    • Learn how often and long you should make quality contact with your clients and how to build lifetime customers the SFH way.
    • Learn how to appreciate accountability, continuous quality improvement, and real-time communication.
    • Learn how to stay focused on your job task until the job is completed.
    • Learn how to stay healthy and energetic in order to maintain professional sustainability within the workplace
  • Develop Your Skills. Distinguish “Where” You May be Needed:
    • Learn where you are skill- and knowledge-wise as it is related to your job, in order to not to become professionally obsolete.
    • Learn about you clients.
    • Learn where to get community assistance from for your clients.
    • Learn where not to be when you are in the SFH office, such as being off-task and making unproductive visits with co-workers.
  • Distinguish “Who” is in Your Network:
    • Learn who your supervisor is and who you are expected to report to each day.
    • Learn who your team members are at SFH.
    • Learn who the clients are by studying their files and records, and by listening.
    • Learn who you are expected to consistently communicate with.