Local newspaper covers SFH’s work

By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree
Communications Specialist, SFH

The Montgomery Advertiser, a local newspaper in Montgomery, Ala., recently interviewed SFH CEO Abdul Seraaj, SFH Director of Training and Staff Development Avis Thomas, and SFH Records Room Manager Felicia Strowder about SFH’s work in foster care, Seraaj’s development of the event venue The Grandma Home House Retreat in Waugh, Ala, and SFH’s use of TGHHR as a therapeutic haven for foster children and as a corporate training venue.

DSC_0030Montgomery Advertiser reporter Brad Harper was in attendance at the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce’s June “60 Minute Coffee” held at TGHHR on June 11. After learning about SFH and TGHHR at the networking event, Harper contacted Strowder (also TGHHR’s Events Planner) the following Monday about writing an article on SFH, TGHHR and their history with working in therapeutic foster care. As you’ll find out in the article, Seraaj was raised on the property of TGHHR and developed it into what it is today. Seraaj also has used TGHHR as a therapeutic venue for foster children since the 1970s; however now the venue is used for much more, including as a professional training venue for organizations like SFH’s Training Institute.

DSC_0108Since TGHHR initially peaked the interest of Harper, interview was also held at the tropical venue on Wednesday, June 18. The Montgomery Advertiser also sent one of its photographers, Lloyd Gallman, to capture the beauty of TGHHR. The  You can see photographs of TGHHR and of the interview taken by Harper and Gallman in the Montgomery Advertiser’s business section. Look for the article to be printed and displayed on the newspaper’s website soon.

Until then, take a look at what happened behind-the-scenes.