Panel discusses special needs at SFH

By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree
Communications Specialist
Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.

special-needs-panel-collageA team of Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) faculty discussed SFH’s work with foster children with special needs during a panel discussion Tuesday, November 19 at The Grandma Home House Retreat in Waugh, Alabama.

Moderated by Danita Stapleton, the COO of SFH, the special needs panel highlighted SFH’s Therapeutic Foster Care with Enhanced Services (TFCES) program in Alabama. There are currently 61 children in this program, and the results have been remarkable, according to Stapleton. The company has seen improved social skills, optimal physical health, increased emotional and behavioral regulation, enriched self-esteem and confidence, and overall enhanced self-sufficiency in its foster children with special needs.

Each panelist, including Volece Bossie, Carolyn Ball, Scott Priestly and Abby Bell, discussed once case from the TFCES program and its success, treatment goals, outcomes and how they overcame challenges. The panelists also tackled general issues within the TFCES program, such as promoting a greater degree of self-sufficiency for children who may never be able to live independently, how to develop a crisis and safety plan, and how the agency facilitates reunifications between foster youth and relative caregivers.

Coming Soon: Filmed by Video Productions Unlimited, the panel discussion will be available for viewing at the end of this month on SFH’s website,