Permanency Reunification Continuum (2006-2014)

By Glenda Thomas
Compensation/Contract Performance Director

In 2006, Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) was selected by the Alabama Department of Human Resources (ADHR) to participate in a permanency pilot in Jefferson County, Alabama. The focus of treatment was to establish a permanent, safe and nurturing family for every child in the program. Each child had been in out-of-home care for extended periods of time due to their needs or the needs of their parents, which in most cases were psychological, physical, behavioral or substance-abuse related. 

After a successful pilot, SFH was awarded a second permanency contract in 2008. The contract was expanded to include both reunification and preservation services in Jefferson County and several other Alabama counties. The permanency program provides intensive in-home services to families to facilitate the transition of youth that are ready to return home or to another permanent living arrangement from their out-of-home placement or to maintain children in their own home, when there is a possibility of imminent disruption.

path-permanencyAlso in 2008 SFH, was awarded a contract by ADHR for Continuum of Care (COC) Services. In the COC program, SFH provides intensive services to families and children to prevent out–of-home placement. When out-of-home placement is necessary, we work to achieve a less restrictive and less intensive level of care while providing intensive services to the family and the child in order to expedite permanency for the child.

In 2011, SFH was awarded a contract by ADHR for the Permanency Reunification Continuum (PRC). SFH was granted 62 slots to address permanency needs for children and families across the state of Alabama. The contract requires SFH to maintain an 82 percent success rate with reunification within 1 year. SFH provides intensive in-home services in a direct, face-to-face format to facilitate the transition of the children from their out-of-home placement to their original home or to another permanent living arrangement.

To date, SFH has served 538 children and families in our Permanency Reunification Continuum program, and has discharged a total of 455 children and families. SFH has taken 387 children and families out of the system’s care and helped them return home and/or achieve permanency. Our collective permanency success rate is 85 percent, which exceeds the contract requirement set forth by ADHR. The average length of service for consumers is 204 days or less than 7 months. This is a huge achievement for Alabama’s children and their families.