Permanency Reunification Continuum Success Rate (July 2011 – Sept. 2015)

By Glenda Thomas (Compensation/Contract Performance Director) & Abdul Seraaj (CEO)

Since July 2010, Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. has been under contract with the Alabama Department of Human Resources for a Permanency Reunification Continuum program. Since the beginning of the contract, SFH had served a total of 401 children and families. The contract states SFH must have a 82 percent success rate within one year. However, SFH has surpassed these standards with a 83 percent success rate within one year and a 84 percent success rate within two years. During this contract, SFH has successfully discharged 282 children out of 341. A child’s average length of stay in foster care under SFH’s organization was 201 days or less than 7 months.

This report represents SFH’s work in preventing youth from entering the foster care system. America is moving quickly towards paying foster care organizations for types of prevention services, while SFH has already proven its success and belief in permanency and reunification services since its founding.
To learn more about SFH’s success with these contracts and to understand what a successful discharge from foster care is, read our past blog, “Permanency Reunification Continuum (2006-2014)”.