SFH Social Worker Talks About Reunification Success

By Amy Manahan, LGSW

SFH Office Manager for Huntsville, AL

SFH Social Worker


photo by: Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

photo by: Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

Family reunification consists of helping families achieve certain goals that result in their children returning home and staying out of foster care, group homes, and/or penitentiaries. Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) is one of the industry’s leaders in family reunification.

We are happy to help families in this way, although we do provide foster care services. However, the best place for children to be, if it is a safe environment, is at home with their parents.

Many times, families are simply in a tough place in life. They need support to become stable enough for their whole family to be together.

When SFH social workers and case managers are assigned a foster care case from the Alabama Department of Human Services (DHR), the reunification process tends to go quicker for the families rather than if they were placed with another agency. Our workers are able to visit with the agency’s families weekly and advocate for increased visitation between the child and their parents, which helps the reunification process go faster and is comforting to the child.

From January to June of 2015, SFH has successfully reunified children with their families about 88% of the time. This data shows the passion and knack that social workers at SFH have for keeping families together.

One of the benefits of SFH’s Permanency Reunification Continuum program is that the staff has a whole year to work with families. However, staff is able to stay involved with the families after the child is reunified, in order to help with the child’s transition back home. Another benefit includes the staff’s ability to meet in the family’s home, which is more convenient for the family. SFH case managers and social workers are also able to attend court dates and meetings at DHR in order to advocate for their clients. SFH workers also provide family support services, and individual and family counseling to clients, as needed.

If you are interested in our Permanency Reunification Continuum program, please view our website or contact one of our regional offices in Alabama, including the cities of Oxford, Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery.