SFH Training Institute Gains First College Microsoft Word IT Specialist

By Abdul Seraaj

CEO of SFH, Inc.

traininginstituteWe are very proud and thankful for the accomplishment of Ismail Saleem, who is the first college level student of the Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. & Al-Hajj, Inc. Virtual Training Institute to achieve his Microsoft Word 365 MOS certification. Eighteen-year-old Saleem is a college freshman, a honor student, a part time employee for The Grandma Home House Retreat [in Waugh, Alabama], and a football player at Troy University [in Troy, Alabama]. He is the son of SFH’s Continuous Quality Improvement Director, Akmal Saleem.

Akmal learned that his son was already taking the Microsoft IT courses at Troy University, but was unaware of his ability to become a certified specialist. As a result, Akmal encouraged his son to enroll in the Microsoft IT Virtual Academy. The Microsoft IT Imagine Academy is a part of our company’s partnership with Microsoft. Ismail took the IT test and passed with a 92.

The training institute has four additional SFH employees who have become certified in four of the different Microsoft IT courses, including Word 365, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel. These employees are Muslimah Shabazz-Seraaj, Khadija Abdelalim, and Akmal Saleem.

Our goal is to offer this opportunity to all SFH employees, SFH’s foster parents, our college interns, and our current and past adopted youth and youth in foster care with the purpose of becoming certified. In addition, we want to establish a Microsoft IT testing site within each SFH regional office, including Washington, D.C.; Riverdale, Maryland; and Baltimore. We plan to allow the general public to enroll in our training institute to become Microsoft IT certified once we have enough certified Microsoft IT trainers on staff.

If you would like to learn more about the many educational and professional career benefits of enrolling students in to the training institute, please email me at aseraaj@seraajfh.com.