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Team Member: Cecelia Borden.

GPS Facilitator

Profile of Cecilia Borden

Cecelia Borden has worked with Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) for approximately 15 years. She began as a Case Manager while simultaneously functioned as a Quality Assurance Team member. Borden is currently the Marketing Coordinator and a certified Group Preparation & Services Facilitator.

As a GPS Facilitator, Borden aids potential foster parents in gaining certification. She is also trained in Anger Management and has completed a training titled “Deciding Together”.

With these certifications and trainings, and overall experience, Border has gained a large skill set throughout her professional career, including the following: marketing and public relations, community outreach, management, program evaluation, quality assurance, and internal and external consumer training.

Throughout Borden’s tenure with SFH, she has also gained experience with recruiting potential foster parents; and aiding foster children in improving their independent living skills, increasing family support and cultivating their basic living skills.

Borden earned her Bachelors of Arts in Social Work from Alabama A&M University. She is presently pursuing a Masters in Professional Counseling.

Cecilia Borden

Marketing Coordinator



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