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Team Member: Glenda Thomas.

Compensation & Contracts Performance Director

Profile of Glenda Thomas

Glenda Thomas has been with Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) for more than 16 years. She began as a Bookkeeper; she was responsible for data entry, billing, managing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, payroll and accounting. From there she became the Corporate Office Manager, and then earned a position as the Senior Manager of Finance. Thomas is currently the Compensation & Contracts Performance Director and is a part of the Corporate Audit Team.

Throughout her time with SFH, Thomas has developed strong skills not only in finance and accounting, but also in customer service, management and contracting. Thomas has gained experience in modifying, negotiating and securing contracts and office leases; implementing policies and protocols for quality improvement and overall office operations; and auditing, as well as other professional areas.

Over her professional career, Thomas has earned awards for the following: job performance, expertise and professionalism, Employee of the Month, leadership and for product service.

Glenda Thomas

Compensation & Contracts Performance Director



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