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Team Member: Sekeria Volece Bossie.

Senior District Manager

Profile of Sekeria Bossie

Bossie has worked for Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. since 2008 as a Senior District Manager in Oxford and Gadsden, Alabama; as a Therapist and an Early Interventionist. She currently works as a Private Practitioner and Independent Consultant, contracting with Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.’s special needs program, including building treatment plans and diagnostic services.

She has a wealth of experience and education in the human services field. She has extensive experience and knowledge regarding ways to work effectively with children and adults with developmental disabilities, behavior disorders, mental limitations, mental disorders, physical limitations, intellectual difficulties and academic difficulties.

She received her Ed.S in Counseling from Jacksonville State University in 2007. From this university, Bossie also received her Master of Science in Counseling and Bachelor degree in Social Work. She is currently earning a Ph.D in Counseling from Amridge University.

Over the years of her professional career, she has earned many certifications in the social services field and is still certified as the following: Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Bachelor Social Worker, National Board Certified Counselor, Alabama Early Intervention Special Instructor, Certified Anger Management Specialist, Group Preparation and Selection Facilitator, and as a Certified Autism Specialist. Bossie is also certified in CPR and First Aid.

Since 2000 Bossie has used her skills in such ways as supervision, the hands-on care of aggressive, mentally and physically handicapped and disabled children and adults; the facilitation of a number of behavioral trainings geared toward effective intervention strategies for consumers with pervasive developmental disorders, intellectual difficulties, physical limitations, behavioral disorders and emotional disturbances; and providing counseling and therapy sessions.

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Sekeria Bossie

Senior District Manager



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