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Team Member: Stephen Mombazo.


Profile of Stephen Mombazo

With more than 30 years experience in the “helping professions”, Stephen “Idris” Mambazo is nationally recognized as a human rights advocate, clinical social worker, educator, writer, and public and motivational speaker. Mambazo utilizes his diverse experiences in public and community service, combined with his personal survival from tragedy to enhance and fuel his professional skills.

Mambazo has experienced and seen human suffering and tragedy in ways few have. He is a former fire fighter, Emergency Medical Technician, police department chaplain, licensed social worker, public health worker, and a disaster response volunteer. It is these experiences that drives him to advocate for human rights wherever he finds it lacking. Mambazo is especially driven to advocate for those affected my police abuses of power, racial/sexual discrimination, social stigma, and institutional or organization discrimination of those with functional access needs. He has also actively responded to numerous national and local disasters, including the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, and the H1N1 pandemic. Additionally, Mambazo aided in coordinating the social services response to the April 27, 2011 Tornado event for the State of Alabama.

With these experiences, Mambazo is a nationally sought-after public and motivational speaker for numerous radio and podcast shows, and for major corporations such as Gilead Sciences and Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. He has also been a guest lecturer and adjunct faculty member for the Medical College of Pennsylvania, the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Alabama State University, Miles College, and Tuskegee University. As an educator, he has been consulted about national and local policy issues for numerous state and municipal governments, and for the Republic of South Africa.

Mambazo is a graduate of the National Transportation Safety Board Training Academy, and has been consulted about utilizing safer law enforcement strategies when dealing with multi-cultural and functional needs populations , as well the federal response to highly publicized national active shooter events. Some of the organizations Mambazo has consulted with include the following: FBI, US Department of Homeland Security, Alabama State Police, Alabama National Guard, and numerous municipal and university police departments in Alabama. His views against law enforcement’s use of force and advocacy for the victims of force, can be viewed in Crisis magazine in his article “Blue on Black Violence in the City of Brotherly Love”.

Having lost his father and elder brother to murder and himself shot and beaten by a corrupt Philadelphia police officer, Stephen brings his experiences, knowledge, skills, love, angst, and passion to his work. Mambazo is in private clinical practice in Montgomery, Alabama, and working on his first book.

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