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Profile of Wali Gill

Walter Gill, or Wali Hakeem (his Islamic name meaning “wise protector”), is a teacher, author, artist, actor and former university professor. Born in Greenville, Mississippi, he attended public schools in Jefferson City, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. He was the first African American to graduate from Baltimore City College High School in 1955 and is a member of the school’s Hall of Fame. He graduated from Morgan State College (now University), and received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Syracuse University in educational communications.

Dr. Gill advocates for children in foster care; he was appointed by the governor of Baltimore, Maryland to serve on the Citizens Review Board for Children for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, and he is president of the Governing Board of Seraaj Family Homes, Inc.

For 22 years, he was a university administrator or professor which included employment at Bowie State University (MD), Morgan State University (MD) and the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he was recommended for tenure. Dr. Gill has spent 26 years with children and youth as an art and social studies teacher, counselor for at-risk youth and delinquent males, director of a boys club and a summer project for inner-city African American middle school males, and as a social worker in foster care. Seventeen years were spent with adjudicated and delinquent youth in three states.

Dr. Gill is the author of three books on urban education and strategies for student success. Teaching in Urban America: A Formula for Change, is receiving wide and selective readership in the country. His other books are Issues in African American Education (1991) and A Common Sense Guide to Non-traditional Urban Education (1997). He was also one of three reviewers for the Islamic publication By Dawns Early Light.

As an urban educator, Dr. Gill has excelled with hard-to-reach, challenged and delinquent males as documented on film, television and in newspapers. He is an adjunct professor at Towson University (Maryland) in the Department of Early Childhood Education and teaches two sections of “Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Society.”

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