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We honor our foster families and youth every May by raising awareness of the needs within the foster care system. The strongest of those needs is for more dedicated and energetic foster parents. It does not require untold riches and fine fancy homes to become a foster parent. But one sure requirement is dedication. Our foster parents at Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. are dedicated.

We want to share some of their stories with you in hopes that you will see yourself through their testimonies. We want to inspire you to look past the myths about foster care and bring us your fears and unanswered questions. There are many uncertainties about opening your home to youth in need of stability and support. But one thing we guarantee is a team environment and mission.

Foster families enjoying the annual National Foster Care Month Celebration at The Grandma Home House Retreat in Montgomery, Alabama.

Together, we can have many successful stories of reunifications, positive adoptions, or young adults aging forward successfully. It takes partnership, commitment, love, and time. There are no two situations the same in foster care. This May and every other month, we salute the parents that have stepped up to answer the call to be there for every child that is in need, no matter what challenges they face.

Share our foster parent stories and inspire yourself or others to become a therapeutic foster parents. There are more than 500,000 children in the foster care system. We need you to change the world by helping at least one.

 Meet Tammie Rice, Alabama – Professional Family Teacher

PFT Tammie Rice, US Military Veteran, and Foster Parent

What do you enjoy about being a foster parent?

One of the joys of being a foster parent is that it allows me to fulfill the need to give back. I want to share my experiences, time, and good fortune with a child. My two children are adults and I don’t feel that I am done with parenting. The energy, joy, and excitement of children can be contagious. I enjoy spending time outdoors, at amusement parks, and traveling. Foster parenting allows me to share my experience with children. Foster parenting is a powerful way to lift the heads of children and show them that there is hope for the future. I enjoy a challenge. Each child has their own unique needs and challenges. When I can crack that code to get the child to hold their head high with pride with a big smile on their face, then I feel I have met that child where they are. To me, that is one of the best feelings in the world.


What does it take to be a foster parent?

As a foster parent, you must have patience and a special type of energy. These youths want attention and I feel that they are entitled to someone who is willing to listen to them and devote time to them. The children thrive on consistency and love. They like to play and use their imaginations. As a foster parent, you can combine the best of both worlds to provide a much-needed sense of normalcy. Consistent mealtimes and bedtimes, as well as shared hobbies, it’s all part of the childhood experience.


What would you say to someone that’s interested in being a foster parent?

Foster parenting may be the most challenging job you’ll ever have, but it can be the most rewarding one as well. Keep an open mind as to what your foster family could look like—from the child’s age and gender to their race and ethnicity. There is no single script or mold for becoming a foster parent. But all foster parents have one thing in common: A strong desire to give children hope when they need it most and an abundant supply of love. It’s really important that you stand in the gap to show them, love, even if it’s for a small period of time.

National Foster Care Month Cake for our Annual Appreciation Day At The Grandma Home House Retreat in Montgomery, Alabama

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