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A Mother’s Day Poem

By Intisar Seraaj

In the beginning of our time together,

The bond between mothers and their children are so physical.


Air kisses for their boo boo

Forehead kisses when they boo-hoo

Cheek kisses because they’re a part of you


Hugs when they’re sad

Hugs when they’re mad

Hugs when they accomplish something rad


Slowly, children leave their mother’s arms

Headed towards various harms

Ambitious to crawl, walk, and run

Ready to explore, learn, and have fun

Ready to make friends, learn to drive, and live a good life

Ready to make mistakes, experience love, and be old enough for the nightlife


Mothers are our first and best teachers

But experience and time are also life’s preachers

Babes look back to their moms for advice, wisdom, and aid

No matter how old their offspring grow, that’ll never fade

Your children will always wanna run back to you

They’re on a journey of self-discovery, although you already knew

Who they are is partly you and because of you

But they let their children free so they see both of their value


That invisible umbilical cord is real

Forever connected, and that connection is a big deal

Whether children move away because of the military, school, or marriage

They’ll use up mileage to cross bridges to reconnect to their lineage

When youngsters are separated from their mothers in foster care

They still care about the welfare of their mama bear

When we’re quarantined and kept away from our mommies

Kids will try new things like writing letters or video chatting just to “shoot the breeze”

When our time together ends and only our mother’s spirit remains

Memories of her might sustain us but the pain continues to reign

Mothers and their cubs are infinitely attached

That bond is unparalleled, unrivaled, and unmatched


And for those who step in as mother figures to raise children in need

Woman, you are of a different breed

Stepping up to grow another’s seed

Not for accolades, nor for greed

We see you being a blessing and it’s agreed

You’re a God-sent goddess, indeed


Because moms are comparable to none

They are the moon, stars, and the sun

They’re a child’s first home

Providing a piece of peace, salaam, shalom

They’re prayer warriors, leaders, and inspirations

They’re the walk, the talk, and the actions

Whether you call them madre, mère, or mama

Mothers are precious, beloved, and dear

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