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Team Member: Alison Mills.

Senior Manager

Profile of Alison Mills

Alison Mills has been a part of the Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) team for more than a decade as the Senior Manager (nonclinical) for the corporate office. In this position she manages payroll, handles contracting and budgeting, and oversees the insurance plans for the agency and employees, as well as other duties. She is also a part of the Corporate Performance Team, which manages the performance and budgets of each of the agency’s regional offices.

Prior to joining SFH, she had gained 10 years of experience in bookkeeping and in accounting. In addition to these skills, she has gained a plethora of additional skills including securing grants, tax management, employee evaluation and much more.

Mills earned her Bachelors in Finance from Auburn University in Montgomery (Alabama). She continued her education by attending Troy University at Montgomery (Alabama) where she obtained her Bachelors in Accounting.

Mills plans to remain a vital part of the SFH agency while working towards a Certified Public Accountant license and a Masters in Finance.

Alison Mills

Senior Manager



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