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About Us

Serving humanity is what we do best

Our Vision

Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. has a vision of stability, safety, and permanency for all children. The organization is guided by a firm belief that our vision could become a reality, if certain principles are supported and adhered to.

Our Mission

Serving humanity, one family at a time, by building on the strengths of communities through the provision of innovative support services.

What Makes Us Different?

Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. has established itself as the leader in therapeutic foster care by “thinking outside of the box” and implementing innovative programs, solutions and intervention techniques. The following have been instrumental in maximizing the outcomes for children and families:


  • Creation of Enhanced Sibling Group Concept
  • Using a Tier System
  • Having a No Eject, No Reject Policy
  • Providing Unconditional Care
  • Using Assessment Homes
  • Professional Family Teaching
  • Engaging in Child Specific Recruitment
  • Active Recruitment Of Single Male Foster Parents
  • Stepping Children Down From Institutions Using Nursing/Clinical Staff
  • Serving Teens who are Older
  • Serving Children Who Are Difficult To Place (i.e. large sibling groups, teenagers, children of color, children with medical issues, children who are dually diagnosed)
  • Supporting Our Foster Parent’s Adoption Of Their Foster Children
  • Providing Luggage For Foster Children
  • Developing Foster Homes to Serve Children Affiliated with Gangs
  • The company was also responsible for developing one of the first foster care placements for a multi-systemic child in the state of Alabama.
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