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Team Member: Judy Lovelace.


Profile of Judy Lovelace

Judy Lovelace is a veteran educator with more than 20 years of experience as a Secondary Special Education Teacher, and with more than 15 years of experience as a collegiate Adjunct Instructor. She is currently employed in the Montgomery County Public Schools in Alabama.

Lovelace received both her Masters and Bachelors in Science in Education from Alabama State University. Her education and vast experience allows her to understand the needs of students in both the secondary school sector and in the collegiate levels.

Lovelace has worked at the collegiate level to inform students of current issues and trends in the field of special education. She has provided in depth instruction and lectures in the following courses: Teaching Students in the Inclusive Setting, Mild Cognitive Disabilities, Transition Planning and Assessment, and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Lovelace has also worked extensively with general educators to provide, implement and devise instructional strategies for students with special needs in the general education setting. In addition to assisting students academically, she has developed and implemented behavioral plans for students with special needs.

Lovelace is a member of the Alabama Education Association, the National Education Association, the Montgomery County Education Association, and a member of the President of Tallassee Education Association.

Judy Lovelace




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