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By Shay Stinson 

Our Mission

For every child, there is a village that helps to raise them. Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) has historically followed this concept and tapped into community resources to create a village that will nurture each child who comes to this agency in need of support. Through our division of intensive inhome care, we have been able to prevent countless numbers of children from entering foster care by preventative measures and by helping to rebuild their biological homes  

Regional Placement and Intake Specialist Felicia Strowder nurtures our parents and families in every county we serve.

When SFH is unable to prevent a child’s long-term stay in foster care and heal their biological family unit, we lean on our mission statement: “Serving humanity, one family at a time, by building on the strengths of communities through the provision of innovative support services.” Even during the pandemic, SFH has developed innovative training techniques using virtual tools to continue with its mission, equipping community partners with the skills and resources required to be highly trained foster parents and to be a part of a child’s village.

There is no child at SFH that is without their own village. Our therapeutic programs are designed to utilize community resources and build partnerships in parenting to ultimately reach the goal of reunification. When reunification is not possible, family connections can still remain intact with help from the child’s village 

Our Partners

SFH builds on the strengths of its local communities by building parenting partnerships because we know how valuable the village method of caring for children can be. Our organization extends to rural areas where this philosophy has been tried and proven time and time again through holistic approaches like handson behavioral therapies. SFH knows what it takes to strengthen families. Our innovative support services are designed to utilize holistic therapy methods like sandbox therapy, horticulture therapy, family teaching, physical exercise and much more for behavioral correction, stress relief, developing social skills. etc.

SFH collaborates with community partners like The Grandma Home House Retreat to expose youth to holistic wellness experiences like physical exercise, horseback riding, paddle boating, and horticulture.

We also collaborate with organizations that have similar goals and missions like the Grandma Home House Retreat, nestled in a quiet, wooded area of Pike Road, AL. The retreat has spacious grounds with activities that cover wellness in all areas from exercise to relaxation. It also offers ways to connect and build with peer groups, families, and within your own organizations. Collaborations like these help SFH to provide escapes for our children in care and foster parents that recharge them through focusing on holistic awareness and healing. 

Our Invitation

We open our hearts and our mission to those who answer the call to serve humanity by becoming a licensed foster parent to children and families in need. We highlight our mission in hopes that we can be the guiding light during a dark time in a family’s journey when they need the most love. Join us in that mission.


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